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Retirement Planning Design and Administration New Hampshire

Our team will work with clients to build a retirement program to meet certain goals, make implementation fast and easy, and provide the ongoing services needed to maintain the program. As actuaries and consultants, our training enables us to deal with a variety of complex business issues. Our mission is to provide an effective solution that’s specifically designed to help administer a plan and assist participants with reaching their retirement goals. As a client of CRCG, we will work hard to ensure an outstanding level of service.


Our consultants work directly with clients and advisors to assess each situation and establish the retirement plan that best fits the clients’ objectives and needs. We can provide success stories on the costs and benefits of different types of retirement plans, including defined benefit, defined contribution, age-weighted, new comparability, cash balance, and floor-offset plans.

We’ll also recommend the best plan design and perform any necessary testing to ensure compliance with applicable portions of the Internal Revenue Code.


We can review benefit provisions and projected financial costs to ensure the plan is meeting its stated goals for retirement planning. In some cases, we may recommend amending future benefit provisions to align with certain objectives.

Contact us today to set up a customized plan or explore the possibility of redesigning an existing plan to better meet all objectives.

With on-staff actuaries, administrators, and availability of pension plan documents, no part of any administration needs to be outsourced.

Annual administrative services include:
- Administration and recordkeeping.
- Plan compliance.
- Allocation and actuarial reports summarizing plan provisions assets, participants and/or actuarial information in support of allowable or required contributions.
- Summary of trust activity.
- Participant statements, where requested.
- Annual reporting forms (Form 5500 et al) as required by the IRS, DOL and PBGC.
- Filing of plan terminations for approval with the appropriate government agency as well as assistance with distribution of assets.
- Enrollment meetings.
- Participant Services.

We do not provide investment or legal advice. However, we have a well-earned reputation for working closely with our clients and other professional service providers. Contact us today to set up a customized plan or explore the possibility of redesigning an existing plan to better meet all objectives.

We offer a full range of actuarial services including annual actuarial valuations and reports providing the following information:
- The plan's funded status.
- The plan's cash contribution requirements.
- IRS and PBGC information – filings and schedules.
- Pension accounting under FAS87, FAS158, ASC705 and FAS106.

We help employers choose the right retirement plan and plan features as well as aiding existing plan sponsors in making changes to accommodate the employer's changing needs. Whether a newly designed plan or updating an existing plan, our consultants have expertise and experience in a variety of areas including but not limited to:
- Initial plan design and review.
- Cost estimates, projections and plan redesign proposals.
- Special early retirement windows.
- Supplemental executive retirement plans.
- Assumption studies.
- Nondiscrimination testing.
- Plan termination.

Contact us today if you have any questions about the actuarial services we provide or to get a free quote.

We offer a range of plan documentation services for our defined benefit and defined contribution clients.


We prepare the plan document and related forms for new plans, which includes drafting proposed language for individually designed plans and client-requested changes to plan documentation. Items included in plan document preparation (for review by legal counsel) are:
- Plan Document and Administrative Policies.
- Summary Plan Description.
- Ancillary Beneficiary Forms.
- Salary Deferral Agreement, if applicable.
- 401(k) Safe Harbor Notice, if applicable (if prepared at the same time as new plan document).
- Participant Loan Policy, if applicable (if prepared at the same time as new plan document).

Alternatively, we can consult with the client's attorney to assist in plan preparation.


Once a retirement plan is adopted, we will provide any necessary filings for the plan to be submitted to the IRS, assuring qualified status.


Plan amendments may be required to adapt a plan to a client's changing needs. We’ll draft proposed amendments for review by legal counsel or consult with the client's attorney to assist the attorney in preparing the desired amendments.
Qualified retirement plan documents must be restated from time to time to stay up-to-date with changes in law and regulations. The deadlines for doing so are typically set by the IRS. When a restatement is required, we notify the client and, if requested, provide a restated, up-to-date document for review by legal counsel. We also offer a full range of volume submitter documents.

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