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3(16) Services

Our 3(16) Service gives plan sponsors the time back they deserve to manage and run their businesses.


We sign on as a full co-fiduciary to the retirement plan. This means we have a legal and vested interest in the health and proper maintenance of the plan. We offer white glove service by performing the administration functions outlined in the plan document.

Benefits for Plan Sponsors:

  • Our compliance expertise helps ensure the plan meets changing regulatory requirements
  • Professional processes and records management can help limit fiduciary exposure
  • Time savings so employers can focus on other important business needs
3(16) Fiduciary Plan Services In Stratham New Hampshire

How We Reduce Plan Sponsor Burden

Our responsibilities as a Full Scope 3(16) service partner may include but are not limited to:

  • Acting as a named fiduciary under ERISA on the plan document
  • Plan design recommendations and reviews
  • Preparing and signing the Form 5500
  • Eligibility determination and tracking, mailing enrollment material to new participants, and processing enrollment forms
  • Tracking the vesting of employee accounts
  • Submitting payroll contributions to the plan’s record keeper
  • Preparing and approving loans, distributions and hardship withdrawals and terminations
  • Preparing and distributing all participant notices, as well as annual reports and benefit statements
  • Preparing and distributing the Summary Annual Report (SAR)
  • Purchasing a fidelity bond for the plan
  • Initial and annual discrimination testing
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