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Our extensive experience directly benefits our clients and financial advisors.

Retirement plan administration and consulting.

CRCG guarantees high quality and timely service with the help of our proprietary software systems. Our technology enables us to streamline, manage, and provide for all of our clients’ needs and allows them to focus on other aspects of running their business.

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Retirement Plan Guidance Counseling

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We guide clients on a path to retirement success.

Defined Benefit Retirement Plans

Defined benefit plans are designed to provide participants with a specific benefit amount at retirement. Participants enjoy the benefits of no investment risk or contribution requirements, among many other benefits.

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Defined Contribution Plans

Whether it is a 401(k), a cross tested/new comparability, an employee stock ownership or a non-profit 403(b) plan, our credentialed, dedicated professionals provide a hands-on approach to maintaining your plan.

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Cash Balance Plans

Combine the best components of the defined contribution and defined benefit plans and you have the cash balance plan. Participant benefits are communicated as notional or theoretical account balances that increase annually.

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Actuarial Services

We offer a full range of actuarial services including annual actuarial valuations and reports providing fund status, cash contribution requirements, filings and schedules and pension accounting and more.

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“The customer service has been so great, I wanted to hire them as my own employees”

“The actuaries at Compass have been wonderful in explaining even the most complex calculations. Thank you for the hand-holding”

“Now this was worth the meeting” – referring to the documentation and proposal provided regarding the benefits of cash balance plans

“love being able to speak with the same person who can answer questions about all aspects of the plan.”

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